Upton VH Tennis Club Wirral News story

All Members - Please register now for free membership of the BTA - click here

06 Feb 2012

Dear All,

As a member of the tennis club you are entitled to membership of the LTA as part of your subscriptions includes an LTA fee. 

If you have a British Tennis Membership ID - there is no need to do anything. However, if you don't have a membership please read on & when you have your 9 digit number, please email your surname & first name & the number to paultesto@btopenworld.com

Upon checking the LTA records I note that many of you have not registered for your membership of the LTA.  Can I ask that you follow the below link and sign up for the membership.  No further payment is required and all members, including Junior members should register.  Just follow the link, type in Upton Victory Hall as registered place to play and complete the application.


Membership carries with it many benefits not only for those who register but also for the club as a whole including:-

  1. The more registered members that the club have, the greater the allocation of Wimbledon tickets that the club receives for members to apply for.
  2. Only registered members of the LTA are entitled to apply for the clubs allocation of Wimbledon tickets.  Members from the age of 9 are entitled to apply for a pair of tickets PROVIDED they have signed up to British Tennis membership.
  3. Free British Tennis membership rating for those who want to compete in LTA sanctioned tournaments.
  4. Discounts and pre sales for LTA tickets and events.
  5. A free personalized monthly news letter.
  6. LTA discounts and loyalty scheme with selected retail partners. 
  7. Access to exclusive online members area of LTA website.

If you have not already signed up for the membership of British Tennis that your club membership entitles you to, then please do so.  Membership of British Tennis and the LTA normally costs £25 per year for adults and £5 for children so to get this for the small LTA levy that is included in your membership subscriptions offers real value and I invite you all to sign up without delay.

Many Thanks,

Mike Leeman

Upton VH Tennis Club.